Monday, December 24, 2012

Run C&W

Run C&W was an American country group composed of Russell Smith(vocals), formerly of the Amazing Rhythm Aces; Bernie Leadon(bj,g), formerly of the Flying Burrito Brothers,Eagles; and songwriters Jim Photoglo and Vince Melamed, both of whom played various instruments. In the group, they were fictional non-identical quadruplets who went by the names of Crash'n Burns, G.W. Wash Burns, Side Burns, and Rug Burns.

Run C&W recorded two albums: 1993's Into the Twangy-First Century, followed by Row vs. Wade two years later. The group were considered a novelty country act, as their albums contained a mix of parodies and humorous original songs, as well as country renditions of black music songs.
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theseekersturntable said...

1993 Run C&W - Into The Twangy-First Century

1995 Run C&W - Row vs. Wade

Donnatv said...

Thanks for posting an interesting album. However the second (1995 Run C&W - Row vs. Wade)comes back as 'Not found'.

Donnatv said...

Thanks for posting an interesting piece of hostory. Howver 1995 Run C&W - Row vs. Wade comes back as 'Not Found' from Rapidgator.