Friday, December 21, 2012

John David Souther


J.D. Souther first cut Longbranch Pennywhistle, together with Glen Frey(see: Eagles Fame for this album). After recording the eponymous John David Souther album in 1972, Souther formed the SHF Band with Chris Hillman and Richie Furay(see: Poco or Byrds Fame for these 2 albums).
Souther is probably best known for his well-crafted songwriting abilities, especially in the field of country rock. He co-wrote some of the biggest hits for the Eagles. How Long, which appears on the Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden was written by Souther and originally recorded on his first solo album in 1972. He also produced Linda Ronstadt's Don't Cry Now, and wrote songs for several of Ronstadt's multi-platinum albums, including Faithless Love from Heart Like A Wheel and White Rhythm and Blues included in her Living in the USA album. He also recorded several notable duets with Ronstadt, including Hasten Down the Wind, Prisoner in Disguise, and Sometimes You Can't Win. He wrote Run Like a Thief, which appeared on Home Plate by Bonnie Raitt. His biggest hit as a solo artist was his 1979 Orbison-influenced song You're Only Lonely. A collaboration with James Taylor called Her Town Too reached number 11 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. On October 14, 2008, Souther released If The World Was You, his first new release in 25 years.

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1972 John David Souther

1976 Black Rose

1979 You're Only Lonely

1984 Home By Dawn

2008 If The World Was You