Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Glad - Feelin' Glad

Pre-Poco-pre-Eagles act Glad was the natural continuation of The New Breed (no members left). Their sole 1969's album is in the flower power/soft psychedelic style, complete with rich harmonies and heavy orchestration.
When the band folded Timothy Bruce Schmidt achieved international success first with Poco and then with the Eagles. Tom Phillips, George Hullin & Ron Floegel regrouped to form Redwing who released a string of albums throughout the 1970`s and beyond. Interestingly there's a track Pickin' Up The Pieces on this album(NOT the Richie Furay number). So Tim hadn't to learn any words on this song ;-)
This is a cleaned vinyl rip @192, so some cracks may still exist.

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1969 Glad - Feelin' Glad
@192 cleaned vinyl rip