Monday, December 24, 2012

Randy Meisner 2 albums

The Poor were:
Veder Van Dove
John Day
Randy Meisner Randy Naylor
Allen Kemp
Pat Shanahan
From here Randy Meisner, Allen and Pat joined Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band. Randy Meisner then went on to Poco and later to the Eagles. Allen Kemp and Pat Shanahan went on to the New Riders of the Purple Sage.
Randy Meisner Live in Dallas.Musicians:
John Coury-guitar-vocals
Dixon House-keyboards-vocals
Tom Erak-bass-vocals
Sterling Smith-keyboards-vocals
Stan Kipper-drums
Randy Meisner-acoustic guitar-vocals

Buford Jones-guitar on Stranger

Recorder live on December 1, 1982 and produced by Randy Meisner and Buford Jones.Reissue produced 2002
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