Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Timothy B. Schmit - Timothy B.

Timothy Bruce Schmit is a bassist and singer known as a member of Poco and the Eagles.
1987's Timothy B. is his second solo album after the brokeup of the Eagles in 1980.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beach Boys 45's re-releases

If you're interested in Beach Boys 45's re-releases don't miss this new created site. The site isn't ready yet but more information will coming in the future.


The site is co-created by one of our close friends.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Labyrinth - Labyrinth

Cornelis Johannes Zuiderwijk is a Dutch drummer. He is best known as the drummer of the rockband Golden Earring.
1985's Labyrinth is a pretty rare cd. Cesar Zuiderwijk participated in this one-time jazz project with jazz keyboarder Jasper van't Hof and singer Julya Loko.
This one is dedicated to our Dutch friends out there.

Roberts, Rick Windmills & She is a song

While singer/songwriter Rick Roberts is perhaps best known for his work with country-rock pioneers The Flying Burrito Brothers and late 70s hit makers Firefall ,in between those two endeavors he recorded these two albums for A & M Records.
While hardly setting the charts on fire they remain good examples of the kind of appealing country-rock The Eagles would later take to the top of the charts.
When Chris Hillman left the Flying Burrito Brothers to join Manassas in 1971 Rick Roberts lead the Burrito's for a European tour before recording his debut solo album:Windmills.
David Aderle was assigned to be the producer and the cream of the L.A. country-rock community centered around the Troubadour was recruited.
They were all "friends" of Rick Roberts and very good musicians and they came up with a lot of ideas that added a great deal to the album.
The album's tittle derives from the dedication to a Dutch/American girl Rick Roberts met while touring the Netherlands with the Burrito's.
The musicians on Windmills are:Don Henley,Bernie Leadon,Randy Meisner,Jackson Browne,Al Perkins,Joe Lala,Chris Hillman,Dallas Taylor,David Crosby,Mother Hen,Byron Berline,Lee Sklar,Mike Utley,Marc Benno and of course Rick Roberts.

Settling in Boulder Colorado Rick Roberts recorded "She is a song" at a small independent studio.
Fresh from Manassas Chris Hillman assumed production duties.
Rick Roberts called on local players to grace the second album including Joe Walsh's Barnstorm and members of Poco.
The musicians are:Paul Harris,George Grantham,Al Perkins,Kenny Passarelli,Joe Lala,Joe Walsh,Chris Hillman,Joe Vitale,Rusty Young,Steve Fromholz and Rick Roberts.

touring solo to promote the second album Rick Roberts performed at Max's Kansas City early 1973,where he ran into Gram Parson's Fallen Angel Band.
Befriending Jock Bartley,a member of the Fallen Angels,they hooked up back in Boulder recruiting the musicians to form a group that became Firefall.

David Crosby - Thousand Roads

Thousand Roads is the third solo album released by David Crosby in 1993, a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young).
The album features a lot of studio guys including Phil Collins, Lee Sklar, Jim Keltner, Bernie Leadon, Russ Kunkel, just to name a few.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zephyr - Sunset Ride(Remaster)

Zephyr was a blues based hard rock band formed in 1968 in Boulder, Colorado by guitarist Tommy Bolin, keyboardist John Faris, David Givens on bass guitar, Rob Chamberlain on drums and Candy Givens on vocals. Zephyr's second album (1972 ) featured Firefall's Jock Bartley in place of Tommy Bolin, the replacement of Bobby Berge and John Faris, and one of the few known recorded appearances of Bobby Notkoff, other than his work with Neil Young, for whom he created the heart wrenching violin break on Running Dry. Lead singer Candy Givens passed away already, and this album is perhaps her most passionate legacy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Solar Fire(Remaster)

Solar Fire released in 1973 by Manfred Mann's Earth Band and it's one of the bands albums which received kult status.
Manfred Mann (org, syn,mel,v)
Mick Rogers (g,v)
Chris Slade (d)
Colin Pattenden (b)
Irene/Doreen Chanter, Paul Rutherford, Peter Miles, Tom McGuinness

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morning - Morning

Morning, a fine Los Angeles based group, formed after Jay Lewis, also known as Jay Donnellan, had been departed from Love. Morning's 1970 debut is an underrated folk influenced gem. It has a crisp, yet often sleepy sound, which is at its best on And I'm Gone and Sleepy Eyes. The album closes with a 90 second country gem Dirt Roads.

Line-up: Barry Brown (g,d,v) Jim Hobson (p,org,v) Jay Lewis (g,bj,v)
with: Jim Kehn, Terry Johnson, Bruce Wallace, Al Perkins

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Gib Guilbeau Part 2 - Huh..., this town doesn't sound like Sin City

Gib Guilbeau - Gib Guilbeau sings
Gib's solo album, released in 1973 with guest occurances of Dave Kirby, Billy Sanford, Reggie Young, Peter Drake, Hargus Robbins, Henry Strzelcki, Ralph Grallant, Ray Edenton, Glen Kenner, Johnny Gimble, The Jordanaires

Flying Burrito Brothers - Flying Again
After Eddie Tickner, the former Burrito manager received booking interest from a number of clubs, founding members Pete Kleinow and Chris Ethridge agreed to re-form the Burritos. They hired Byrds drummer Gene Parsons, Joel Scott Hill from Canned Heat, and Gib Guilbeau to round out the refried Flying Burrito Brothers. Tickner then got the new band a deal with Columbia Records, of which Flying Again was their label debut in 1975. Line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Chris Ethridge.

Flying Burrito Brothers - Airborne
After the release of Flying Again bassist and founding member Chris Ethridge left the band and was replaced for Byrds bassist Skip Battin. This left Pete Kleinow as the only original member in the band. 1976's Airborne was the band's second and last album for Columbia Records, as the label would drop the Burritos due to the lack of commercial success just after this album's release.
Line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Skip Battin.
Guest occurances by Stevie Wonder, Vambo, Jimmi Seiter, Luis Cabaza, Jamie Faunt, Warren Pemberto.

Sierra - Sierra
Why not trying something new? In 1977 the Burritos changed their name to Sierra and the music style to the then popular Eagles/Poco vein. To their credit, the band wrote their own material, collaborating on one song with Felix Pappalardi(ex Cream, ex-Mountain). The first record announcement was in October 1977 and they toured as Sierra through December of 1977.
Line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Pete Kleinow, Bobby Cochran, Thad Maxwell and Mickey McGee.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rio Reiser - Rio I.

Rio Reiser was a German rock musician and singer of the famous rock group Ton Steine Scherben. He was born Ralph Christian Möbius in Berlin and died at the age of 46 in the little German town of Fresenhagen. In the early 1970's he participated in the squatter scene, for which he wrote the famous Rauchhaussong. The band's original name can be translated as Clay Stones Shards, making both, a reference to Reiser's favorites The Rolling Stones and a political view. The band soon became very popular with the squatter scene, left-wing students and workers' movement and was invited to numerous political events to provide the soundtrack to demonstrations, parties and rallies across Germany which often inspired the audience to translate the message into action afterwards. In 1985 Reiser and the band finally split, partly due to a feeling that is was time to move on, but to a large extent because of a desastrous financial situation. Reiser had a large debt with the group, but his early solo career went so well that he was free from debt in a short time.

If you want to watch the video turn off mp3 player first!

His first solo record-album was called Rio I. and included the popular song König von Deutschland (King of Germany). The album was produced by Anette Humpe (ex-Ideal), a renowned German music producer who had already produced Reiser's very first solo single, Dr. Sommer, some time ago when he was in need of cash and had asked her for support. The song König von Deutschland became one of the real hits of Reiser, has been covered and cited by many artists ever since and is still known among most people in Germany. Other hit singles of the first album included the love song Für immer und dich and the melancholic Junimond. Reiser could not repeat the commercial success of the first album, nevertheless he released five further studio albums until his death, most of them highly appraised by the critics.

Morning - Struck Like Silver

Morning's second album Struck Like Silver is the 1972 effort by the trio of Jay Lewis (aka Jay Donnellan from Love), Barry Brown and Jim Hobson who are joined once again by Jim Kehn and Terry Johnson. Bruce Wallace who appeared on the first LP is replaced by Stuart Brotman and Chris Darrow plays fiddle.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mud - Mudrock

Mud were an English band, formed in 1968, best remembered for their string of singles throughout the mid 70's, including Tiger Feet which was the UK's best-selling single of 1974. After teaming up with writers Chinn/Chapman, this good-time band had a noteworthy run of hits, including three number ones.

Rob Davis (g, v) Les Gray (v) Dave Mount (d,v) Ray Stiles (b,v)

Les Gray died of a heart attack on 21 February 2004. Dave Mount died on 2 Dec 2006. Ray Stiles is a member of the Hollies since 1986. Rob Davis went on to co-write several highly successful dance hits for artists such as Kylie Minogue.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Byrds - Farther Along (Remaster)

Don't have posted a Byrds related share for some time. So here's the very last one.
Farther Along was released in 1971. Well aware of the stinging criticism that Byrdmaniax was receiving, The Byrds promptly dispensed with Terry Melcher, headed off to London in the summer of 1971 and quickly cut a new album, producing it themselves. Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by Byrdmaniax was not completely undone, and the Byrds' dwindling commercial fortunes continued - Farther Along went largely unnoticed upon release, stalling at 152 in the U.S. and failing to appear on the UK charts and disappearing quickly.
It would also turn out to be the last Byrds studio album with its latter day line-up. By 1972, Roger McGuinn had broken up the Columbia Byrds to facilitate a reunion of the original 1965 group with David Crosby, Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, and Michael Clarke and a "comeback" album. Unfortunately this was never done.

In the months following the release of Farther Along, the Columbia Byrds would record four more songs, all McGuinn originals; these included versions of Draggin, My New Woman, Born to Rock and Roll, and Bag Full of Money. Only the latter two tracks seem to have survived in the Columbia Byrds versions, and were added to the 2000 reissue of Farther Along, in addition to a version of Lost My Drivin' Wheel, with McGuinn backed by a session band. Besides McGuinn, it is disputed just who plays on these tracks, although at least Clarence White and Pete Kleinow are in evidence.

Line-up: Roger McGuinn(g,v) Clarence White(g,v) Skip Battin(b,v) Gene Parsons(d,v)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

British Lions - Lions Don't Need No Hunters

1978 British Lions
1981 Trouble With Women

British Lions are the follow-up band to Mott The Hoople and Medicine Head. After Nigel Benjamin left Mott it took a long time to find a replacement. Morgan Fisher worked for a while with the British band Medicine Head, contributing to their 1977 album and helping out on their tour. They too were on the point of breaking up, so Morgan suggested to John Fiddler that they join forces.

John Fiddler (g, v)
Ray Majors (g, v)
Morgan Fisher(p, organ, syn)
Pete Watts (b, v)
Dale Griffin (d)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Marc Ellington-Rains - Reins of Changes

A long time ago I bought the vinyl LP and later on CD too, because Chris Hillman,Sneaky Pete and members of Fairport Convention were among the backing players.
I knew and know nothing about Marc Ellington but if memory serves me well he lived at a castle and became later a mayor and was known in the British Folk music scene.
If you can get used to his voice you got here a fine album with some good pedal steel guitar by Sneaky Pete and harmony singing by Chris Hillman and others and guitar by Richard Thompson.
Marc Ellington made at least some more LP's way back in 1970's ,but I think this was his best.
There's some information within the file .

Morgan Fisher - Ivories

From 1966 to 1970 Morgan Fisher played the organ with the Soul Survivors, who in 1967 were renamed The Love Affair. Between 1972 and 1973 he formed the progressive rock band named Morgan, with singer Tim Staffel (the vocalist with the band Smile, who later became Queen). From 1973 to 1976, he joined seminal British glam rockers, Mott The Hoople. Ivories is Morgan Fisher’s solo album for RCA Italy, recorded in 1972. This album gave Morgan a chance to work in the area somewhere between the Morgan band’s music and the musical influences he’d been passionately absorbing for years - modern classical music, film scores from France and Italy, and electronic music. By the time it was released Morgan had remixed it and added two extra tracks and bizarre snippets of real-life dialogue recorded during his travels and studio sessions with Mott and British Lions. One of Morgan’s most cutting-edge albums, it offers a glimpse into his and creative musical imagination.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bläck Fööss - Roxy

The Bläck Fööss is a folk and beatles inspired band from cologne, germany. They are around there since the early 70's and so they have a 30 year history. The Band should be relative unknown outside of their country. Roxy is their 1996 release. The lyrics ain't true german, but the dialect spoken in their locality, really funny. The titlesong tells us a story from the 70's, when a huge count of cinemas were changed to supermarkets.
Warning this isn't really Krautrock, but I had to supply a label.