Friday, September 4, 2009

Marc Ellington-Rains - Reins of Changes

A long time ago I bought the vinyl LP and later on CD too, because Chris Hillman,Sneaky Pete and members of Fairport Convention were among the backing players.
I knew and know nothing about Marc Ellington but if memory serves me well he lived at a castle and became later a mayor and was known in the British Folk music scene.
If you can get used to his voice you got here a fine album with some good pedal steel guitar by Sneaky Pete and harmony singing by Chris Hillman and others and guitar by Richard Thompson.
Marc Ellington made at least some more LP's way back in 1970's ,but I think this was his best.
There's some information within the file .


Anonymous said...

Hi, there is big problem fit this file - No music at all - Only Noise.

Please re-upload MUSIC FILE

gormul said...
This is a new link I hope this one is with music,anyway when I had a listen on my computer it did work.


TheSeeker said...

What's the last name of this guy, Ellinton or Ellington? Both are used in your review.

gormul said...

It's Ellington.
Just a slip of the finger.

TheSeeker said...

Thanks, I thought so. As I've never heard about him, I've done some search on the net and found this:

Marc Ellington Biography

Marc Ellington is a Scottish folksinger and multi-instrumentalist who has guested with Fairport Convention on the latter group's recordings, starting with providing some vocal support on the Unhalfbricking album in 1969. Additionally, he worked with Matthews Southern Comfort on their self-titled 1969 LP, playing percussion, and recorded his debut album that same year, which featured his singing, guitar work, and bagpipes. The latter album, recorded on the Ampex label, also included contributions from Fairport alumni Simon Nicol and Richard Thompson. Ellington subsequently contributed to several of Thompson's recordings, and sang on Linda Thompson's 1996 Dreams Fly Away. He has appeared at the Cropedy Festival organized around Fairport, and as of 2007 was the Deputy Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire and a member of the Heritage Lottery Fund Committee for Scotland.
~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Anonymous said...

Thanks, It's OK now - very good 320 kbps rip. THANKS

M.S. said...

Thanks, anything with sneaky pete and c. hillman is a good find for me!!