Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Hannover Connection - Part 2

In the late 60's / beginning 70's there were three major forces coming out of a single town, Hannover-Germany, which in parts defined a genre known as krautrock these days. The bands came all three to great success throughout Europe. The bands itselfs named

The Scorpions - Eloy - Jane.

Here are some more releases from those bands and relatives:

Michael Schenker is a german guitarist first known from the Scorpions. With the Scorpions he released only 2 albums, 1973's Lonesome Crow and 1979's Lovedrive. In 1974 he left the Scorpions to join the british band UFO. After and between UFO he released a string of albums as Michael Schenker Group, McAuley Schenker Group or simply Michael Schenker as this one. Thank You is an acoustic album only played by guitar. No other musicians are involved here. Michael is the brother of Scorpions leader Rudolf Schenker.

The JP's (Jaypee's) were a band from Germany in the late 60's. They have released only this single in 1969 under this name. The JP's were Klaus Hess - guitar, Peter Panka - vocals, Wolfgang Krantz - bass, Klaus Zaake - drums. In the beginning 70's the members regrouped as Jane.

Guitarist Klaus Hess was a founding member of the JP's and Jane. In 1982 he left Jane to record his own material. Technodrome is his second solo release from 1992 and features electronic music.
This one were contributed by an anonymous user.

German drummer Fritz Randow was a longtime member with Eloy from 1971 to 1976, recording 5 albums with them. In 1976 he left Eloy and joined the german band Epitaph. With Epitaph he released this 1979 album Return to Reality. In the beginning 80's he rejoined Eloy (1981–1984), recording another 4 albums. In 1985 he left Eloy again to join heavy metal bands Victory, Sinner and Saxon. As of Summer 2007 Fritz is Peter Panka replacement in Jane.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Various: Bakersfield Rebels

File under: Bakersfield Country Rock according to the label on the cd.
This cd contains late 1960's gems featuring
Clarence White, Guilbeau & Parsons, Gosdin Brothers, Dennis Payne and many more.

Bakersfield Rebels
is volume 4 in a serie of 4 cd's documenting Gary S. Paxton's Bakersfield Productions, recorded between 1965 and 1970.
The other 3 volumes are devoted to Guilbeau & Parsons, Clarence White and the Gosdin Brothers.Not all of what is presented on this compilation could be considered country music.

Monday, November 24, 2008

... And he saw it was good.

Beginning in 1981 Chris Hillman, Al Perkins and Bernie Leadon had various projects to create some christian/gospel music.
In 1981 God Loves Country Music featuring well known artists from the countryrock style like Richie Furay and Gib Guilbeau.
In 1983 they teamed up again for Down Home Praise.
The lineup featured Steve Hill (Guitars, Vocals), Dan McCorison (Guitars, Vocals), Chris Hillman (Mandolin, Vocals), Jerry Scheff
(Acoustic Bass), Mel Durham (Acoustic Bass), David Mansfield (Fiddle), Bernie Leadon (Banjo), Al Perkins (Dobro), Tommy Funderburk (Vocals).
A Year later, in 1984 the third go, called Ever call ready was released. Ever call ready were:
Chris Hillman (Byrds, FBB and Manassas)-mandolin
Bernie Leadon ( Eagles,FBB)-banjo
Al Perkins (FBB, Manassas)-dobro
Jerry Sc
heff (Session bass player)-bass
David Mansfield (Alpha Band)-fiddle