Monday, November 24, 2008

... And he saw it was good.

Beginning in 1981 Chris Hillman, Al Perkins and Bernie Leadon had various projects to create some christian/gospel music.
In 1981 God Loves Country Music featuring well known artists from the countryrock style like Richie Furay and Gib Guilbeau.
In 1983 they teamed up again for Down Home Praise.
The lineup featured Steve Hill (Guitars, Vocals), Dan McCorison (Guitars, Vocals), Chris Hillman (Mandolin, Vocals), Jerry Scheff
(Acoustic Bass), Mel Durham (Acoustic Bass), David Mansfield (Fiddle), Bernie Leadon (Banjo), Al Perkins (Dobro), Tommy Funderburk (Vocals).
A Year later, in 1984 the third go, called Ever call ready was released. Ever call ready were:
Chris Hillman (Byrds, FBB and Manassas)-mandolin
Bernie Leadon ( Eagles,FBB)-banjo
Al Perkins (FBB, Manassas)-dobro
Jerry Sc
heff (Session bass player)-bass
David Mansfield (Alpha Band)-fiddle


TheSeeker said...

Don't get this yet, the share is broken. But stay tuned, an update coming soon.

gormul said...

New link :

TheSeeker said...

Here are again all three links together:

1981 God Loves Country Music
@192 Cleaned vinyl rip

1983 Down Home Praise
@192 Cleaned vinyl rip

1984 Ever Call Ready
@320 cd


Thanks SEEKER for grooovy KUNTRY ROCK. Lookin for 2-fer reissue by THE WAY. Any ideas. thanks SB

Hazy Dave said...

Chris Hillman's recordings are almost always worth checking out. Richie Furay's Christian recordings are of perhaps a more specialized interest, but it's always great to hear the man's voice. Not to overlook Al Perkins, both for his production here, and always stellar musicianship. Some enjoyable stuff here!

mindwell said...

Found "Down Home Praise" for $1 at the local AmVets. Was ready to put it back in the rack jobber after seeing the "Maranatha" label, but turned it over and saw Al Perkins, Chris Hillman, Jerry Scheff, Bernie Leadon. Terrific album! Thirty years old this year, and sounds great! Impeccable Americana country gospel songs of praise.