Friday, October 31, 2008

Flying Burrito Brothers - Live From Tokyo

Have made a lot of references to this band, but I've never shared an album of them. So here is a late one, released in 1979.
After the dropping of the band by Columbia Rec, the Flying Burrito Brothers pressed on as a touring act. Gib Guilbeau, Joel Scott Hill, Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Mickey McGee reunited with Skip Battin and Gene Parsons (playing guitar due to a wrist injury) and began tour as the Flying Burrito Brothers again. By 1979, Greg Harris and Ed Ponder were hired to replace Joel Scott Hill and Mickey McGee respectively. During this time, Gene Parsons also left the group and was not replaced.


TheSeeker said...

Flying Burrito Brothers
Live From Tokyo (1979)

Anonymous said...

Have been downloading some of the Poco and Bryds links that go back awhile so just wanted to say here in a more recent share of yours how much I appreciate this. The lineages are often new to me so thanks for the discoveries!

TheSeeker said...


Thanks for your comment.

gormul said...


Thanks for the posts.

I got Chris Hillman en Run CW.
Cris Hillman is on wounded etc records and RunCW is 1CD/2LP.
If you give me an email I can Upload these two the next week on Rapidshare and fill in as receiver the email I got from you ,so you can download it yourself and if you like upload on your blog.



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It would be very nice if you could do upload the mentionerd items. Please post the links here on the blog.

I also was on your new blog. If you are interested in being a co-blogadmin, here on the turntable or a contributor/uploader let me know. I'm still searchin' for people want doing such things.

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All went as it should. Very nice item I were looking for a long time!!!

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nice music