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First update McGuinness Flint

McGuinness Flint - Happy Birthday Ruby Baby
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McGuinness Flint - Dead and Gone

McGuinness Flint was formed in 1970 by Tom McGuinness, former member with Manfred Mann, and Hugh Flint, drummer with John Mayall; with Dennis Coulson(vocals, keyboards), and songwriters BennyGallagher and Graham Lyle.
Their first single When I'm Dead and Gone reached No.2 in the UK, and the debut album McGuinness Flint also made the Top ten of the UK Albums Chart. The follow-up single, Malt and Barley Blues, was a UK No.5 hit in 1971, but the group floundered under the pressures of instant success, being required to record a second album and reproduce their recorded sound adequately on stage, which resulted in disappointing concerts.
The second album Happy Birthday Ruthy Baby failed to chart, as did the title track when released as a single. Gallagher and Lyle quit towards the end of 1971 to record as a duo. The group then recruited bassist Dixie Dean, and recorded Lo and Behold, an album of not been recorded and released Bob Dylan songs, credited to Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint, and issued in 1972. The single Let The People Go was banned by the BBC as it related to the Ulster crisis. Coulson left and was replaced by Lou Stonebridge and Jim Evans. This new line-up recorded two further albums, Rainbow (1973) and C’est La Vie (1974), but interest had evaporated, and they disbanded in 1975.

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Linda Ronstadt - Linda Ronstadt

Selftitled Linda Ronstadt is the third solo album by female singer Linda Ronstadt. It was released in early 1972 on Capitol label. Future Eagles members Glen Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner accompanied her on all the songs on the album. Although the album, peaked at #163 on Billboard.

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Manfred Mann - The Manfred Mann Return

The Manfred Mann Return is a canadian release only from 1965.

This share came possible due to Roldo.

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Jim Messina - Part 2

Over the years Loggins & Messina produced 5 original material albums, plus one album of covers of other artists' material, and two live albums. They sold 16 million records and were the most successful duo of the early 1970s. A greatest-hits album, The Best Of Friends, would be released a year after the duo had separated. The later studio albums often found both Loggins & Messina more as two solo artists on the same record rather than as a genuine partnership. As both Loggins and Messina noted in 2005, their collaboration eventually became more a competition - a frequent, almost-inevitable dynamic of show business duos. Never really a team of true equals due to the teacher - apprentice nature of their music experience levels, the pair had by early 1976 quietly but amicably parted to pursue solo careers, following the release of 1976's Native Sons. Messina found solo success elusive but Loggins went on to become one of the biggest hitmakers of the 1980s.

Loggins & Messina:
1973 On Stage
1974 Mother Lode
1975 So Fine
1976 Native Sons

I've updated Jim Messina - Part 1, so go there if you like to see a nice video!

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Pacific Steel Co

This is my first post after a long time due to some family business .
It's not my own rip but I found it somewhere at the net ,but I forgot where.
So thanks to the unknown one who did put this one on the net.
I saw some request for this Cd ,So that's the reason I put it here.
All the information is within the file ,so just the names of the steel guitar players will do.
The players are: Tom Brumley,Sneaky Pete,Jay Dee Maness,Al Perkins and Red Rhodes all on different songs not together

Nils Lofgren - Crooked Line

Nils Hilmer Lofgren is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist. Famous as a solo artist, he has marked 25 years as a member of Bruce Sprinsteen's E Street Band as well as a member of Neil Young's Crazy Horse. This is his 1992 solo release Crooked Line.
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Jim Messina - Part 1

Jim Messina was a member of Buffalo Springfield, then an original member of Poco, before he joined with Kenny Loggins to form the duo, Loggins & Messina. His first LP was released sometime in '64 and was credited to Jim Messina and His Jesters and it was called The Dragsters. This is the LP that was reissued on CD on the semi-legit Euro label Surf in the '90s. It's great stuff, 14 songs, 11 of them written by Messina. The covers are: an uptempo version of The Breeze and I, and surf-guitar-led versions of fifties instro hits Honky Tonk and Raunchy.

Buffalo Springfield 1967: Dewey Martin,Jim Messina,Neil Young,Richie Furay,Steven Stills

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Jim began working with Buffalo Springfield around 1966 as a recording engineer on the second album entitled Buffalo Springfield Again. In 1967, he started on the third album entitled Last Time Around as an engineer. During the course of the production, he was asked by the group to produce the band. Shortly thereafter, Jim replaced Bruce Palmer, the bass player and toured and recorded with the band up until completion and release of the record. After the Buffalo Springfield, Richie Furay and Jim formed Poco and began producing demos and searching for a record label. On December 5, 1968, Poco signed with Epic Records, a subsidiary of Columbia Records, and began recording the first Poco album. Jims Buffalo Springfield and Poco recordings are already posted, see Richie Furay Articles or +Poco label.

Sittin' In is the first album by Loggins & Messina, released in 1971. It began as a solo album by Kenny Loggins; Jim Messina was with Columbia Records, serving as an independent producer when he met Loggins. In the course of producing Loggins' work, Messina provided vocals and guitar, leading to the album's full title.

Their second album was released in 1972. Following on the success of their first album, this album built on the strengths of their debut outing. It also became the true introduction of the team, not as singles playing together, but rather as a team that played as one. It featured two songs that charted, with Your Mama Don't Dance reaching its peak at #4, their highest charting single. The album itself charted at #16.

Full Sail, their third album released in 1973. The album showed the versatility of the duo, with everything from 1950's retro to sappy ballads. The singles where My Music and Watching The River Run. The album reached #10 on the Pop Charts.

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James Gang - Before Jesse found the eagles

Yer' Album is the first album by the James Gang, released in 1969. The group had written some material, but they were still something of a cover band. The album features Stephen Stills' Bluebird and the Yardbirds' Lost Women. This is the only album featuring the bassist Tom Kriss.
In 1970, the band released its second album Rides Again, which included the single Funk #49, as well as the classic The Bomber. By this time, Dale Peters had replaced Kriss on bass. The band opened for The Who during a tour of Britain.
Thirds is the third studio album by the James Gang, released in 1971, and is the last studio album led by Joe Walsh. Walk Away was released as a single, making the Top 40, the best placement of a James Gang single. The Walsh period of the band came to a close with the release of the live album James Gang Live in Concert.