Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pacific Steel Co

This is my first post after a long time due to some family business .
It's not my own rip but I found it somewhere at the net ,but I forgot where.
So thanks to the unknown one who did put this one on the net.
I saw some request for this Cd ,So that's the reason I put it here.
All the information is within the file ,so just the names of the steel guitar players will do.
The players are: Tom Brumley,Sneaky Pete,Jay Dee Maness,Al Perkins and Red Rhodes all on different songs not together


gormul said...

The link is:http://lix.in/-5a4ad5

Just one statement don't know how good this rip is because had not the time to have a good listen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much i cant wait to listen as the lineup sounds awsome
again ty

Anonymous said...

Very many thanks for this album - never released on CD

TheSeeker said...

I guess it's in good shape as ever. Also I like his well timed teamwork;-)

MrQwerty said...

truly fab by some of the very best