Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jim Messina - Part 2

Over the years Loggins & Messina produced 5 original material albums, plus one album of covers of other artists' material, and two live albums. They sold 16 million records and were the most successful duo of the early 1970s. A greatest-hits album, The Best Of Friends, would be released a year after the duo had separated. The later studio albums often found both Loggins & Messina more as two solo artists on the same record rather than as a genuine partnership. As both Loggins and Messina noted in 2005, their collaboration eventually became more a competition - a frequent, almost-inevitable dynamic of show business duos. Never really a team of true equals due to the teacher - apprentice nature of their music experience levels, the pair had by early 1976 quietly but amicably parted to pursue solo careers, following the release of 1976's Native Sons. Messina found solo success elusive but Loggins went on to become one of the biggest hitmakers of the 1980s.

Loggins & Messina:
1973 On Stage
1974 Mother Lode
1975 So Fine
1976 Native Sons

I've updated Jim Messina - Part 1, so go there if you like to see a nice video!


TheSeeker said...

1973 Loggins & Messina - On Stage

1974 Loggins & Messina - Mother Lode

1975 Loggins & Messina - So Fine
@192 Cleaned vinyl rip

1976 Loggins & Messina - Native Sons

Anonymous said...

"On Stage" the end of "Back To Georgia" was chopped off - enough that I deleted it.

TheSeeker said...

So sorry, a fix will be released soon.

Anonymous said...

If you feel the track 02 on disk 2 is chopped off replace it with this one.

1973 Loggins & Messina - On Stage
Fix track 202