Friday, August 14, 2009

James Gang - Before Jesse found the eagles

Yer' Album is the first album by the James Gang, released in 1969. The group had written some material, but they were still something of a cover band. The album features Stephen Stills' Bluebird and the Yardbirds' Lost Women. This is the only album featuring the bassist Tom Kriss.
In 1970, the band released its second album Rides Again, which included the single Funk #49, as well as the classic The Bomber. By this time, Dale Peters had replaced Kriss on bass. The band opened for The Who during a tour of Britain.
Thirds is the third studio album by the James Gang, released in 1971, and is the last studio album led by Joe Walsh. Walk Away was released as a single, making the Top 40, the best placement of a James Gang single. The Walsh period of the band came to a close with the release of the live album James Gang Live in Concert.


Anonymous said...

Used to listen to Joe Walsh & Joe Vitale, in Kent , Ohio when they started up.

TheSeeker said...

1969 James Gang - Yer album

1970 James Gang - Rides Again

1971 James Gang - Thirds

1971 James Gang - Live in concert

TheSeeker said...

The last time I saw him live on stage was in 2000 I guess, together with Don Henley, Glen Frey and Timothy Schmit.

Johnny Vandal said...

Excellent blog. I remember seeing Joe Walsh & the James Gang back in the early 70's in Cleveland. When it comes to Joe Walsh, for me the real deal is his BARNSTORM album which is truly a masterpiece.