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Gib Guilbeau Part 2 - Huh..., this town doesn't sound like Sin City

Gib Guilbeau - Gib Guilbeau sings
Gib's solo album, released in 1973 with guest occurances of Dave Kirby, Billy Sanford, Reggie Young, Peter Drake, Hargus Robbins, Henry Strzelcki, Ralph Grallant, Ray Edenton, Glen Kenner, Johnny Gimble, The Jordanaires

Flying Burrito Brothers - Flying Again
After Eddie Tickner, the former Burrito manager received booking interest from a number of clubs, founding members Pete Kleinow and Chris Ethridge agreed to re-form the Burritos. They hired Byrds drummer Gene Parsons, Joel Scott Hill from Canned Heat, and Gib Guilbeau to round out the refried Flying Burrito Brothers. Tickner then got the new band a deal with Columbia Records, of which Flying Again was their label debut in 1975. Line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Chris Ethridge.

Flying Burrito Brothers - Airborne
After the release of Flying Again bassist and founding member Chris Ethridge left the band and was replaced for Byrds bassist Skip Battin. This left Pete Kleinow as the only original member in the band. 1976's Airborne was the band's second and last album for Columbia Records, as the label would drop the Burritos due to the lack of commercial success just after this album's release.
Line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Skip Battin.
Guest occurances by Stevie Wonder, Vambo, Jimmi Seiter, Luis Cabaza, Jamie Faunt, Warren Pemberto.

Sierra - Sierra
Why not trying something new? In 1977 the Burritos changed their name to Sierra and the music style to the then popular Eagles/Poco vein. To their credit, the band wrote their own material, collaborating on one song with Felix Pappalardi(ex Cream, ex-Mountain). The first record announcement was in October 1977 and they toured as Sierra through December of 1977.
Line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Pete Kleinow, Bobby Cochran, Thad Maxwell and Mickey McGee.


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1973 Gib Guilbeau - Gib Guilbeau Sings

1975 Flying Burrito Brothers - Flying Again

1976 Flying Burrito Brothers - Airborne

1977 Sierra - Sierra

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