Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morning - Morning

Morning, a fine Los Angeles based group, formed after Jay Lewis, also known as Jay Donnellan, had been departed from Love. Morning's 1970 debut is an underrated folk influenced gem. It has a crisp, yet often sleepy sound, which is at its best on And I'm Gone and Sleepy Eyes. The album closes with a 90 second country gem Dirt Roads.

Line-up: Barry Brown (g,d,v) Jim Hobson (p,org,v) Jay Lewis (g,bj,v)
with: Jim Kehn, Terry Johnson, Bruce Wallace, Al Perkins

The plan was to post this together with the second outing. But I had some problems to clean it. Requested by user.


Anonymous said...

1970 Morning - Morning
@192 cleaned vinyl rip

Anonymous said...

Thank you, great album. Unknown band for me. Jan

jim kosmicki said...

every time I think I've heard everything from this time period, someone comes up with yet another new band -- this sounds like it will be worth a listen - thanks for the share

Mick108 said...

Always loved "Angelena". Had this on vinyl, and found a scratchy rip of it. Your cleaned-up version sounds much better!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for both the Morning albums, which were so hard to find — and with the cleaned-up sound too!


Mick108 said...

Thanks for both these hard-to-find vinyl favorites.