Monday, September 7, 2009

Byrds - Farther Along (Remaster)

Don't have posted a Byrds related share for some time. So here's the very last one.
Farther Along was released in 1971. Well aware of the stinging criticism that Byrdmaniax was receiving, The Byrds promptly dispensed with Terry Melcher, headed off to London in the summer of 1971 and quickly cut a new album, producing it themselves. Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by Byrdmaniax was not completely undone, and the Byrds' dwindling commercial fortunes continued - Farther Along went largely unnoticed upon release, stalling at 152 in the U.S. and failing to appear on the UK charts and disappearing quickly.
It would also turn out to be the last Byrds studio album with its latter day line-up. By 1972, Roger McGuinn had broken up the Columbia Byrds to facilitate a reunion of the original 1965 group with David Crosby, Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, and Michael Clarke and a "comeback" album. Unfortunately this was never done.

In the months following the release of Farther Along, the Columbia Byrds would record four more songs, all McGuinn originals; these included versions of Draggin, My New Woman, Born to Rock and Roll, and Bag Full of Money. Only the latter two tracks seem to have survived in the Columbia Byrds versions, and were added to the 2000 reissue of Farther Along, in addition to a version of Lost My Drivin' Wheel, with McGuinn backed by a session band. Besides McGuinn, it is disputed just who plays on these tracks, although at least Clarence White and Pete Kleinow are in evidence.

Line-up: Roger McGuinn(g,v) Clarence White(g,v) Skip Battin(b,v) Gene Parsons(d,v)


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1971 Byrds - Farther Along

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Hello! I'm trying to find the link to Firefall's "Messenger" but can't find it in the archives. Could you possibly provide this? Great blog by the way! A fan from the Netherlands

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See Richie Furay - Part 3.

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The 'original' Byrds reunion album you refer to actually was recorded and released in 1972.
For further info check out
(Surprising there is no reference to this album on the Byrds page in the internet music 'bible'
(ps. great site!)

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