Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rednex - Sex & Violins

Rednex is the brainchild of Swedish producers who decided to try mixing country music with eurodance. The name Rednex was chosen as a misspelling of the word rednecks. They reworked the traditional folk song Cotton-Eyed Joe into a dance song and released it in 1994, to huge worldwide success. This started the Country House music fad which lasted for a few years afterward. The album Sex & Violins followed the hit song, and Rednex went on to score other hits in Europe from that album Old Pop in an Oak and Wish You Were Here. If you never heard of this album then get it, because it's really funny.
Oh my god, this is the title of the sixth track;-)))


Anonymous said...

1995 Rednex - Sex & Violins

Jose Geraldo Gouvea said...

I have fond memories of this album, which I bought at a flea market without foreseeing how much I'd love it. Unfortunately, when I broke with my fiancée it was one of the items I never recovered. I bought it again, this time at a discount shop, and owned it for two years. Then I lent it to a coworker, which would use it as the soundtrack to some square dancing at a folk party, and, again, would never have it back. Unfortunately, I never found it again, until now.