Monday, December 17, 2012

Albert Hammond - First two albums (Remaster)

It Never Rains in Southern California
(What a claim!)

The Free Electric Band

Albert Hammond was born in London, where his family had been evacuated from Gibraltar during WW II. His family returned to Gibraltar shortly after his birth, where he grew up. In 1966 Hammond co-founded the British vocal group, The Family Dogg together with Steve Rowland and Mike Hazlewood. They were scoring a UK hit with A Way of Life in 1969. Hammond later moved to the US, where he continued his career as a musician. Recently I've listened to his first two albums and I must say he were a poor guy. This is a good example how record companys burned artists to ash. Albert simply is no Cat Stevens, Roger McGuinn or Paul McCartney! If You Gotta Break Another Heart and The Peacemaker are simply Cat Stevens remakes, Brand New Day is a Byrds/Bob Dylan tune and The Air That I Breath is a Beatles styled number. It seems Columbia had no clue what to do with him. But I like them both. I'm really interested in your thoughts about that.

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Alberto Hammond:

1972 It Never Rains In Southern California

1973 The Free Electric Band