Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Black Tie - When The Night Falls

Black Tie was a country-rock band that featured Billy Swan, Bread's Jimmy Griffin, and Randy Meisner, formerly of the Eagles. Black Tie's lone release was a 1985 covers collection entitled When the Night Falls. While the project was quite brief, it did produce a minor charting hit in a country-fried cover of Buddy Holly's Learning the Game.

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Anonymous said...

1985 Black Tie - When the Night Falls

Anonymous said...

Been wanting to hear this for years!

TheSeeker said...

@Anonymous: Hope you like it.-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, have long been chasing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Any chance a working link for this Black Tie album can be posted?

The previous one has expired and I'm keen to hear this album. Much appreciated.