Friday, July 18, 2008

Stone Poneys Discography

The Stone Poneys were a, California folk trio consisting of Bob Kimmel on rhythm guitar, Ken Edwards on lead guitar, and Linda Ronstadt (vocals). Most of the songs on their three albums were written by Kimmel and Edwards.
The first selftitled album, was released in January 1967. The album is notable for having solo vocal performances by Ronstadt on only three of the songs, plus one verse in a fourth song, with harmony vocals otherwise.

The Stone Poneys are best known for a song on their second album, Evergreen, Vol. 2 (released June 1967) that they did not write:Mike Nesmith's Differtent Drum. Ronstadt was surprised when it was a hit because she was unsatisfied with its arrangements.

Their third album was titled Linda Ronstadt, Stone Poneys and Friends, Vol. III (released April 1968), and only her picture was on the cover. It included another Nesmith song, Some of Shelly's Blues, and ended with the Laura Nyro song, Stoney End, which turned out to have been aptly named. By then, Linda Ronstadt had become at least as well known as the band following the success of Different Drum, and she was off on her solo career.


TheSeeker said...

1967 Stone Poneys -Stone Poneys

1967 Stone Poneys - Evergreen, Vol.2
Thanks to Special Time To Remember!

1968 Stone Poneys - Vol. 3

TheSeeker said...

If someone has a better Vol. 2, I would update the post.

ge said...

the first also has BILLY MUNDI on skins!
nice to have now on CD

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1967 Stone Poneys - Evergreen Vol.2

leesa said...

I assume this is from CD?

There is a newly remastered version of the first two albums on one CD with bonus tracks.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I found the compilation on another blog (forget which one). I believe it has all the first two albums, and the bonus tracks are from the third album. It's an Aussie compilation on Raven with excellent sound.

Thanks for the great blog, Seeker! I'm a long-term Linda fan.


leesa said...

Hey Anonymous:

Do you have the link to the Raven Remasters?

Anonymous said...

Think it was from this blog.

Hope TheSeeker doesn't mind this link being here.


leesa said...

Thanx so much, Mr Anonymous, Sir!