Friday, July 25, 2008

Desert Rose Band - Life Goes On

Excerpt from the DamGreek's review:
1993's Life Goes On sticks very closely to the previous format and style of the earlier Desert Rose Band albums, with Chris writing nearly all of the songs, and singing lead, with Herb Pedersen’s vocal backing him up. Some classic stuff here, and Chris Hillman was also able to recruit Tom Brumley to play very cool Steel Guitar on this record and join this short lived lineup of the band. His Pedal Steel is one of the highlights of this record.
Shortly after the CD was finished, Chris Hillman decided it was pretty much over, and broke up the band. This line-up, as far as I know, never toured together, although Bill Bryson had been a touring member of the band for a while.
This download came possible due to the DamGreek.


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1993 Desert Rose Band - Life Goes On

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