Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Sampler - Across The States

Hi out there,

the Turntable is 1 year old. So we present our birthday sampler Across The States, which is a trip through the whole United States. We stop in every state for a break, plus we return in 13 states once more, which is 63 times! All in excellent quality.

The music includes a full set of styles, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Classic Rock, Southern Rock,
Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal.
There's also some rare music included. This is fun.
Running time 3:34:14
Get it here, recommended.


TheSeeker said...

This is an 5 part archive.

After hearing this come back and leave in the comments section of this post:

- which song you liked most
- which song you didn't like

The Seeker

Anonymous said...

My God, this is a realy nice compilation!! Like Louisiana Woman the most, didn't like the Aerosmith title.

TheSeeker said...

This compilation should be heared for the first time in it's original form.
A very nice follow up of the somgs.

Karl K said...

I don't like ANY heavy metal stuff, Seeker. I know this is a HUGE work on your part, but I just excised the heavy metal stuff and kept the rest.

Thanks for putting this together and most of all, thanks for sharing it with us!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas