Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Desert Rose Band - True Love

The Desert Rose Band had major personnel turnover in 1991; Jay Dee Maness was replaced by steel guitarist Tom Brunley, John Jorgenson by guitarist Jeff Ross, and Steve Duncan by drummer Tim Grogan. This lineup recorded 1991's True Love, but failed to duplicate the success of the band's first incarnation.


TheSeeker said...

Here's no. 4 of the new FBB;-)

1991 Desert Rose Band - True Love

The deal is I supply the music, you supply the comments.

Nils Tibor said...

Thank you very much for the great albums by Desert Rose Band.


TheSeeker said...

Thank you, for the comment.

bearwil said...

Big Thx for this great Byrds related post from an old Byrds maniak who has all their albums and a lot of related stuff, but you still can surprise me. Just one problem:I installed AlbumExtractor X and it opened Pages Of Life just fine, but it doesn't recognize True Love as a valid AlbumWrap archive. I tried it with AlbumWrap Extractor, but that doesn't react at all to the file. So maybe something went wrong.
Thanks anyway, when I have some time left I'll cut it in pieces with Amadeus.

TheSeeker said...

Try to extract True Love with MP3Split. Keep in mind that you'll need the -w switch. 'MP3Split' is always the second chance to extract an album.
I don't have the real adress yet, so do a search on google.

wholeft said...

Love the DRB.
The lineup description for this one is incorrect, though.
On True Love, John Jorgenson is still there (he's the guy on the left on the album cover) and so is Steve Duncan.
The only change on this album is Jay Dee Maness is gone and replaced by Paul Franklin. Jay Dee is MUCH missed on this one.

TheSeeker said...


Thanks for the comment and the clarification on the lineup.

Buck Wheezer said...

Thanks for all you do on the blogspot! The link for this album is dead. Thanks