Monday, July 28, 2008

Bee Gees - 1st (Remaster)

To my knowledge we never had an Australian recording. So here's the first one and it don't will be the last.
1st is the debut album by the Bee Gees, released in July 1967. Contrary to the group's later disco-oriented releases, 1st was a psychedelic rock album with some folk aspects. The album cover was designed by no other than Klaus Voorman who had previously done the cover for the Beatles Revolver album. Klaus is a German bassist who played sessions with Beatles members and the likes. A really nice guy, I know him myself. This remaster from 2006, reissues both stereo and mono mixes on one disc and a bonus disc of unreleased songs and alternate takes. Bee Gees 1st peaked at #7 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart.


TheSeeker said...

1967 Bee Gees - 1st

S R Management said...

I remember this and they were so superior before the disco era.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!! I love it!!
Do you have "IDEA" remastered album? thanks for all! greetings from Brazil.

TheSeeker said...

Greetings to Brazil and thanks for you comment. Is Pelé still OK?
Stay tuned, I have more Bee Gees in the works.

Anonymous said...

Great music. Thanks for your effort. Please use 320cbr!!

TheSeeker said...

See my answer in the shoutbox.

Cruisin' Oldies said...

this was my favorite Bee Gees album. Looking forward to hearing both versions & that bonus disc. Thanks for sharing it.

Karl K said...

I thought I had all of the Bee Gees' music, but this is an album I didn't even know existed! Great job, and thanks for making me aware of it!

Karl K
McKinney, Texas