Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Linda Ronstadt - Hand Sown Home Grown

This is Linda Ronstadt's very first solo recording after the breakup of the Stone Poney's. Released in 1969, it's also the first record featured her first backup band, the legendary Swampwater with Gib Guilbeau. For more information on Swampwater take a look at the label Swampwater. The music on the record itself is a mixture of some kind of country/folk style.


TheSeeker said...

Linda Ronstadt - Hand Sown Home Grown

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog!!! Thanks so much for sharing and all the effort it must take to maintain this site. I have kindly helped myself to several of your rare classic country rock shares, fantastic selection, by the way. I also appreciate the background info you provide.

I'm looking forward to hearing the Shiloh lp you posted. I was a fan of Pinkard & Bowden and saw them many times in the Dallas area. My nephew lives in a small East Texas town near Linden and he said the Richard Bowden Band played at his Jr. High dance a couple of years ago and they were excellient.

You have the only blog I have ever seen that has a focus on country rock. Wonderful site, keep up the great work!


Dallas, TX

TheSeeker said...


greetings to Texas and many thanks for your nice comment! You're right it seems this is the only blog focused on this style of music. That's why I'm listing to this music myself. Bowden also plays on various Ronstadt albums as a session man.

Keep your ears open

Steve said...

Great site!!!!

Can't help it... must request something. Buckingham/Nicks!!!!!


Again, great job on the site!


Oddy said...

Swampwater didn't back her on any of her albums, just one single, a lot of gigs, the Big Sur anthology LP.
Swampwater didn't exist when this album was recorded in late 1968, they still hadn't formed when th eLp was issued in late '69.

Anonymous said...

Richard Bowden was part of one of McGuinn's bands (Thunderbyrd ?) after McGuinn gave up the Byrds moniker.

Frank S Hurrat