Friday, May 8, 2009

John York,Skip Battin

The Family Tree featuring John York and Skip Battin.
The Family Tree were:
John York:vocals,piano,bass, 12 strings guitar
Skip Battin:vocals,bass,piano
Ricky Mantoon:pedal steel guitar,string bender guitar
Beppe d'Angelo:drums

Renata Boratto:harmony vocals on Witchi Tai To and Blowin' in the wind.

The album was recorded in Italy in december 1988
after they played in Italy.
Produced by: Andrea Del Favevo.,and remastered in 1998.

PS.scanner was broke,so some pictures of the inlay included.


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Thank you SeekersTurntable for these Skip Battin records and all the extra info you provide. Great stuff, I appreciate it.


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It's Ricky MANTOAN, not Mantoon.