Monday, March 9, 2009

Hoopla - It's Always Something

There's not much information to find about Hoopla. But George Grantham was/is the drummer of Poco.

The musicians are:
George Grantham-drums/Percussion/Vocals
Wade Bernard-Bass/Harmonica/Lead Vocals
Bil Kurz-Lead Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Woods-Lead Guitar/Acoustics/12 String/Mandolin/Vocals

Bill Bitner - Horns
Steve Shepherd and Jamie Bowles - Keyboards
Jamie Bowles and Pamela Rodriguez - Additional background vocals

All songs are written by:Grantham/Woods/Bernard.
Produced by Hoopla. 1998.


gormul said...


TheSeeker said...

I'm wondering where you got this! That's the one we're taking about several months ago, thank you very much.

gormul said...

As far as I recall I got it from a mailorder company.Could be Taxim or Milestone or some from England.

Anonymous said...

There is one listed on Amazon for $80