Friday, August 22, 2008

The Hannover Connection

In the late 60's / beginning 70's there were three major forces coming out of a single town, Hannover-Germany, which in parts defined a genre known as krautrock these days. The bands came all three to great success throughout Europe. The bands itselfs named

The Scorpions - Eloy - Jane.

Here are four solo recordings from four of their members.

1981 Hermann Rarebell - Nip In The Bud
Herman Rarebell is a German drummer, best known for his time in the Scorpions 1977-1995, playing on 8 studio albums. He was an important composer writing or co-writing songs like Another Piece of Meat, Falling in Love and Passion Rules The Game. In 1981 he released his first solo album Nip In The Bud. He remains the only member of the Scorpions to have released a solo project while still a full member of the band.

1983 Klaus Peter Matziol - Matze
Klaus Peter Matziol is a German bassist, known from the band Eloy. As a longtime member of Eloy he recorded 10 albums 1976-1984, 1994.
In 1983 he recorded his solo album Matze with german lyrics.

1983 Klaus Hess - Sternentanz
Klaus Hess is a German guitarist, known from the band Jane. With Jane he recorded 11 albums from 1972 - 1982. Much of the bands output in these Years are compositions from Klaus Hess. In 1994 Jane disbanded, but 2 different Jane's are still touring with a changed lineup(Peter Panka's Jane, Mother Jane).

1987 Manfred Wieczorke - Transfer
Manfred Wieczorke is a German keyboardist, who played with two of the Hannover bands. First together with Eloy 1971 - 1975 releasing four albums. Then together with Jane 1976 - 1979 releasing again four albums.
Amazingly, the albums with his involvement are the best of the two bands.


TheSeeker said...

1981 Hermann Rarebell-Nip in the bud
@160 vinylrip(cleaned)

Klaus Peter Matziol-Matze
@320 cdrip

1987 Manfred Wieczorke-Transfer
@256 from cdrip

1983 Klaus Hess-Sternentanz
@320 vinylrip

Anonymous said...

here is the 1992 Klaus Hess - Technodrome link:

and thank u very very much for Manfred Wieczorke - Transfer
do you have the mother jane album?

Anonymous said...

hi the seeker

excuse me the previous link for technodrome doesn't work

try this one:

have fun

TheSeeker said...


many thanks for Hess' Technodrome. I'm looking forward for the next rare gem.

TheSeeker said...

Mother Jane Comes Alive is also a wanted item.

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