Friday, August 1, 2008

Bee Gees - Horizontal (Remaster)

Horizontal is the Bee Gees second real album. It was released in early 1968, and included the international hit singles Massachusetts and World. Other standout tracks include And the Sun Will Shine, a love song by Robin Gibb complete with psychedelic references to trains walking by and pastoral orchestral backing conducted by Bill Shepherd. Two other Robin-led tracks are worth noting. Harry Braff is a rocking story about a racing driver that is reminiscent Beatles or Kinks and the poignant Really and Sincerely. Psychedelia also abounds in the quirky Lemons Never Forget which without the familiar string backing and featuring guitar work from Vince Melourney as well as the piano and bass interplay of Maurice Gibb, shows a side of the early Bee Gees rarely seen by singles buyers.

This is the 2006 remaster with both stereo and mono mixes on one disc and a bonus disc of unreleased songs, non-album tracks, and alternate takes.


TheSeeker said...

1968 Bee Gees - Horizontal (Remaster)

You need both packages to extract.

TheSeeker said...

This video is simply GREAT. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Love it. If only more people knew the pre-disco Bee Gees!

Cruisin' Oldies said...

Thank you for sharing this. I didn't know about this release. You are the best!

Karl K said...

I tell ya'... just one great album after another on your blog! I cannot begin to thank you enough for all your hard work, and the work of others who support you in this monumental effort!

Thanks to all!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

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Anonymous said...

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tangledblue3 said...

Great stuff! Thx so much again.