Friday, June 20, 2008


Ex-Eagle Randy Meisner, hit writer Billy Swan ('I Can Help') and Charlie Rich,Jr son of the silver fox. A underrated trio with the bare minimum of additional musicians namely Vern Monnett(steel, guitar), John Molo & Mitchell Delevie(drums), David Morgan(piano, organ). Randy ever was my favourite eagle so nice bass playing and vocals can be assumed. Charlie Rich,Jr wrote 6 songs, co-wrote 2 with Billy Swan and sang lead vocals on many of the tracks, too. This unassuming but stunning trio are in the same league as Rice/Hillman/Pederson or Poco and many other true greats of country based rock.


TheSeeker said...

Get it here:

Quality: VBR

wkc said...

Thank you for this share. Would love to also find "Black Tie" lp

TheSeeker said...


Never heard of Black Tie 'til today. But I have learned from the net that Meisner, Swan and Rich is on board, which is a very good thing. Guess it isn't easy to find this recordings, but I'm willing to try.