Monday, August 23, 2010

Reupload: Jane - Live in Dortmund 2006

Jane's Live in Dortmund 2006 transmitted on Krautrock Radio on 04.07.2007 as a memorium for Jane drummer and vocalist Peter Panka. Plus four unplugged bonus tracks. It was first released on the blog Out Of Focus, gone lomg ago.


Anonymous said...

2006 Jane - Live in Dortmund

joetomrud said...

Great to have you back! Don't hide on us again...

Hope you keep uploading the good stuff, you have helped fill out lots of corners of my old record (LP) collection.

I left a pointer to the Sutherland Bros & Quiver "Beat on the Street" album from your wants list - hope you got it.

Best wishes,

Joe in Dublin.

TheSeeker said...

Joe, many thx for your wishes and yes I got the album recently. Greetings to Dublin!

zigzagwanderer said...

Thanks for this - haven't seen it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Link is Death please Reup