Sunday, November 29, 2009

White, Clarence - Tuff & Stringy

In the CD Booklet you can find the following information:
Clarence White needs no introduction.
This is a collection of rare singles, demos and studio outtakes. It's not claiming to make a definitive statement upon his career or to represent his best work. The purpose of this collection is to shed some light on two short years that were a pivotal stage in his development as a guitarist but also as an artist. This is also the story of a group of musicians, producers, family and friends- Kentucky Colonels, Reasons, Byrds, Gary Paxton, Gene Parsons,Gib Guilbeau et al. that surrounded Clarence White.

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Thanks very much indeed for reposting this. My pardners and I are devotees of the budding country-rock scene so sadly neglected by the mainstream during its heyday and still pretty much unknown by the masses.

You've probably been here, but for anyone else interested in minutiae about not only Clarence but Gary S Paxton and others I can recommend this fellow in Japan's pages, linked at:

~stu (Jeff)