Friday, October 30, 2009

McGuinn, Roger Limited Edition

Roger McGuinn is well known as ex-leader of the Byrds and his trademark the electric twelve string guitar.
Limited Edition is a CD rich in Rickenbacker " Jingle Jangle",including five electrified folk and blues songs,seven new songs written by McGuinn and his wife Camilla and a tribute to his inspiration George Harrison, If I Needed Someone.
This CD came out after the compilation of some of his favorite Folk Den songs.
Roger McGuinn has been recording traditional folk songs for his on line project The Folk Den since 1995.( The songs are available for free download with lyrics and stories about the songs.
On Limited Edition are the next musicians:Roger McGuinn,Pedro Araujo,Delyn Christian,John Jorgensen,Curt Keidser,Kammy Kolorado,Bill Lee,Stan Lynch.
The album was produced by Roger and Camilla Mcguinn.


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Awesome collection! Thanks.