Saturday, July 18, 2009

West, Bruce & Laing - Live 'n' Kickin'

Live 'n' Kickin' is a the live album by West, Bruce & Laing, released in 1974. It was the band's final album, as they disbanded shortly before its release. The album is noteworthy in that three of its four songs were not released in studio versions by the band.
Play With Fire is a song originally written and performed by The Rolling Stones, although West, Bruce and Laing's rendition uses the music for Love is Worth the Blues, a song they previously wrote and recorded for their 1972 debut.
Politician is a song Jack Bruce originally wrote and performed with his late 60's bandmates Cream.
Powerhouse Sod is a previously unreleased song written by the band, featuring a bass guitar solo by Jack.


TheSeeker said...

1974 West Bruce & Laing - Live 'n' Kickin'

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