Sunday, June 28, 2009

Neil Diamond - The Bang Years

After Neil's multiselling album Home before dark it's time to take a look on how it all began. So here are the two very first original albums plus the remastered early classics sampler of the same decade.
The Feel Of Neil Diamond is Neil Diamonds debut album released in 1966. It includes his first three big hits, Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry and I Got The Feelin' Oh No No.

Just for You is Neil Diamonds second album released in 1967. At some point or another, every single track on it was released either as an A-side or a B-side of a single, with many of them becoming big hits. You Got To Me , Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon, Thank the Lord for the Night Time, Red Red Wine and Shilo. Curiously, the year-old hit Cherry Cherry (from Diamond's first LP) also appears here, whilst the then-current hit Kentucky Woman does not. It's his final album for the Bang label.

1978's Early Classics is a re-compilation of Neils singles, notable album tracks and of course the missing Kentucky Woman.


TheSeeker said...

1966 Neil Diamond - The Feel of

1967 Neil Diamond - Just For You

1978 Neil Diamond - Early Classics

MM said...

Thanks for this! I love the old Neil Diamond stuff - but wasn't that keen on him in his flowery shirts with big collars years. Many years ago I had a great bang records compilation of his so I'm looking forward to hearing the songs on this album

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! The man has undeniable songwriting chops!

Anonymous said...

Excellent find and post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the first two Neil lps.
Absolutely rare now.