Thursday, December 4, 2008

Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de mi padre

Linda Ronstadt's Canciones de mi padre (1987) consists of old Mexican classics, played by arguably the world's best mariachi group and sung by one of North America's greatest vocal talents. Everything clicks wonderfully here, but numbers that set a new standard include Tu Solo Tu an incredibly harmonic love ode; Por un Amor on the price of real love; and Los Laureles a song of declaration on which Ronstadt soars unbelievably high. Extras include performances by another world figure, requinto player Gilbert Puente, who made history when he led Mexico's Los Tres Reyes in the '50s/'60s.


TheSeeker said...

1987 Linda Ronstadt - Canciones de mi padre (Somgs of my father)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the upload/download. Great quality except that the entire album is all on one track.

Thank you very much