Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bad News

I'm sorry to have bad news today. My machine had a headcrash so I had to buy a new disk. I'm underway now to recreate my environment, but this will take great work which will take several weeks. So I'll be online again when the work is done. Till then you can browse the archives to get some older music.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for Poco posts. One problem, my Mac doesn't read the files. Why not just zip or rar?

uros said...

I hope that you will fix the things and come back.
I wish you all the best.

TheSeeker said...

Thank you for your wishes, 90 percent of my work is done. So I will back in near future.

The files are rar packed. Do you have problems on playing the mp3's??? Every mp3 player should be able to play them.

Kees said...

Hi, Still interested in a vinyl rip from Loggins & Messina- So fine? maybe some good news will help, if you're interested in:
Dillards- tribute to the American duck
Poco- Rose of Cymarron, Cowboys & Englishmen and Seven
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Stars and stripes forever
All on vinyl, just let me know, i'll copy them.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!
Interested in Poco, nitty gritty dirt band, Dillards, Jane, Jeronimo?

Anonymous said...


TheSeeker said...


Thanks for your nice comments. Yes I'm still interested in 'So Fine', so I will try to grab it.