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Richie Furay - Part 2

Richie Furay - Part 2 - The Poco Days
After Buffalo Springfield, Furay and Jim Messina (who had already replaced Bruce Palmer in Buffalo Springfield) formed Poco with Rusty Young, George Grantham, and Randy Meisner. Poco recorded Pickin' Up the Pieces, and Randy Meisner quit soon afterward. The band continued as a quartet, building a reputation at the Troubadour.
Timothy B. Schmit, the later Eagles member, was added on 'Poco' their second album. After Poco's third album, 'DeLiveRin', Messina quit to form the duo Loggins & Messina. He was replaced by Paul Cotton. Poco went on to cut albums such as 'From the Inside', 'A Good Feeling to Know' and 'Crazy Eyes' before Furay left. Richie Furay was inducted with the Buffalo Springfield into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in May 1997.

Poco - Pickin' Up The Pieces (1969)
Poco - Poco (1970)
Poco - DeLiveRin' (1971)
Poco - From The Inside (1971)
Poco - A Good Feelin' To Know (1972)
Poco - Crazy Eyes (1973)


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Poco - Pickin' Up the Pieces:

Poco - Poco

Poco - Deliverin

Poco - From The Inside

Poco - A Good Feelin' To Know

Poco - Crazy Eyes

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Regarding Jim Messina leaving Poco, it isn't true that Messina left to start Loggins & Messina. Messina left Poco to do more record producing. One of the projects he got involved in was working with singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins. Messina was such a huge part of the Kenny Loggins solo album, and the two worked together so well, that they joined forces as a duo. But it was supposed to be Kenny Loggins, with Jim Messina producing (and then Messina Sittin' In...)

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